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At 16 you have three main choices:-


· Staying in full time learning at a school sixth form, sixth form college or college of further education.


· Following a work based learning route such as an Apprenticeship


· Going into employment.


Full time learning


Staying in full time learning is the choice that the majority of young people take.  Deciding to stay at your own school for sixth form or go somewhere new, such as a further education college, will be a choice that you can make.  You will need to weigh up the pros and cons for each option. 


Start thinking about:-

· The courses and qualifications on offer  - there will a large range of general and more vocational options


· What you expect to get for your GCSEs or other Key Stage 4 examinations.


· The way you learn best?


· What your career interests are – do you need specific courses for your next steps?


· Travel issues - can you get to the organisation relatively easily?


· Additional support for your studies  - which organisation offers the best support for your needs?


You will be able to find out what options are available in your area by checking your area wide prospectus. 


Follow this for links to all areas

Work based learning


If you prefer a hands on approach to learning, an Apprenticeship could be the ideal solution for you.  It’s not a easy option and you will need to be organised, motivated and determined.  However, it will enable you to gain qualifications whilst earning money and getting a start on the career ladder.


For more information go to the Apprenticeships website www.apprenticeships.org.uk




Carrying on with some sort of learning after 16 is considered vitally important for young people.  So from  2013 all young people will have to staying in learning until they are 17; from 2015 the age will increase to 18. 


But don’t panic – learning can be in school, college or in the workplace! 


If you are considering entering employment at 16, try to find a job that does offer training so that you can progress.  Job opportunities for 16/17 year olds tend be limited to retail, hospitality and administration.


The minimum wage rates are:-

·                   16/17                £3.64

·                   18                     £4.92

·                   21+                   £5.93

· Apprentice rate £2.50 (in first year of apprenticeship)


Correct as of 1st October 2010. For more information go to the  Direct Gov website


For more information about all options at 16+.


If you want individual help and support to discuss your options please contact JFC Careers for a guidance session.