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Parents and carers play a vital role in the choices that young people make.  Helping them make choices that work for them, means checking they know what the full range of options are and where their strengths and interests lie. 


If they have no clear ideas, they need to choose options that will give them plenty of choice in the future. 


It’s also important to encourage them to look ahead and research the pathways of any careers that they are particularly interested in and make sure that their options do not restrict future choice.


There are plenty of people that they can talk to help them make up their minds, so do encourage them to research opportunities and visit potential institutions.


What’s really important is for young people to make up their own minds and choose options that are right for them!


There are three main transition points where young people need to make decisions about their career options.




13+ - this will be in Year 8 or 9 and most commonly known as GCSE options although there may be other courses to choose from depending on your child’s abilities and the school. Read more here...



16+ - this will be in Year 11; most young people will have the choice of staying on at their school 6th form, changing to another 6th form, attending a local further education college or 6th Form college and applying for an Apprenticeship or training place.  For more information read more here...



17/18+ - although nearly adults, young people will still need your support to make important decisions that may affect their future and have financial implications.  For more information [ link to 18+ page}


But remember, if you are all still confused, you can book a guidance session with JFC Careers that might help your son/ daughter make up their your own mind.



If you would like to attend without your son/daughter you can book an information session with JFC Careers to talk through some of the options available. 

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